Sentencing and Punishment

This stream aims to highlight issues and debates in sentencing and punishment, with regards to both adults and minors. Contributions about jurisdictions other than England and Wales would be very welcome. The following list of topics from papers delivered at previous conferences is illustrative of the breadth of the stream: public perceptions of sentencing; the role of prior convictions; equality and impact as sentencing principles; the ‘New Penology’; and conflicts between risk management and other aims of sentencing.

The stream convenors are keen to promote an opportunity for participants to receive valuable feedback in a friendly and constructive environment. Many of the previous papers in this stream have subsequently been published in leading peer-reviewed journals in Law and Criminology.

We look forward to hearing from you and very much hope that you will participate in what has always proved to be a varied, interesting and enjoyable stream.


Gavin Dingwall ( and Tim Hillier (