Information and data play a central role in society, and the utilisation and regulation of information is a key theme in many areas of socio-legal enquiry. From the methodological questions of the capture and analysis of information about socio-legal phenomenon, to the empirical questions of the ways that information is gathered, processed, managed, used and transmitted by legal actors (from individuals to governments and multinational businesses), to doctrinal questions about the scope of powers to possess and process information, to theoretical questions about the role and ownership of information, a huge range of topics fall within the scope of the stream.

From analyses of Data Protection and Freedom of Information, to consideration of the tortious, contractual and equitable protection of private information and reputation, to the role that new technology plays in the information society, to informational disclosures made by businesses to their shareholders and to consumers, to the regulation and governance of information itself, all scholars concerned with information are welcome to submit their proposals.


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