Family Law and Policy

Given the continuing changes being experienced in the world of family law and policy in the UK and internationally, this stream welcomes papers which take a socio-legal approach to any issues within this field (and which are not more suited to the new Children’s Rights stream).

Possible themes of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Family Law’s Future

  • Online family law and justice

  • Access to Family Justice

  • Modernising marriage and civil partnership law

  • Money, property and relationships

  • New discourses on Family Dispute Resolution

  • Conceptions of Justice in the new-look Family Justice System

  • Family Law after the Children and Families Act 2014

  • Towards a better child protection system?

  • Family violence and coercive control

  • Regulating non-traditional families and relationships

  • International and comparative perspectives on Family Law

  • Autonomy, equality, vulnerability and gender in family law regulation


Anne Barlow ( and Annika Newnham (