Drugs, Law and Society

The aim of this topic is to encourage discussion of new perspectives on national and international drug regulation, including reform measures and the insights afforded through socio-legal approaches. What aspects of drug law and policy require more academic attention? How can a socio-legal perspective improve regulatory developments, or our understanding of them? How might we renew attempts to influence the regulation of psychoactive substances? This will be an open, inclusive and welcoming group, and could address both illicit and licit substances. A range of researchers, at all stages of their career and working theoretically and empirically, and in a variety of fields, are encouraged to submit abstracts. Subjects might include, but are not limited to, policing, criminology, international law, depenalisation, regulation theory, policymaking, welfare law, sentencing, family law/policy, human rights and intersections with disability and mental health law.


Simon Flacks (s.flacks@westminster.ac.uk)