PGR Activities

Workshop – Identity, well-being and post-graduate research

In the past, the PGR Activities at the SLSA conference have been immensely popular, and we anticipate that this year will be no different. The events that are lined up especially for PGRs before the conference kicks off are a brilliant opportunity to network with other PhD students and Early Career Researchers, while also accessing some excellent training which is tailored specifically for PGRs and the challenges that they may face during the course of their studies. This year Sarah Humphreys will deliver a workshop that will focus on our understanding of identity, and enable us to think about who we are, where we belong in the world and our purpose – including our potential future identity – and how this relates to understanding ourselves as Postgraduate Researchers. There will also be an opportunity to speak directly to Early Career Researchers to gain first-hand insights into their experiences of completing a PhD and the transitions that follow.

This year we have had a record number of PGRs register for the conference. While this means that there will be strong PGR representation at the conference, unfortunately it means spaces are limited for the PGR activities which are scheduled to take place on the morning of Wednesday April 3rd.  Consequently, we will be opening registration for 50 PGRs on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you are interested in attending the event you can register by emailing your SLSA Reps at Please include your full name, your year of study and the name of your institution in the email. In the event that the workshop is oversubscribed, we will add you onto a waiting list and contact you as soon as a space is available. Please note that any emails sent to the SLSA Conference email address will not be considered.

PGR-ECR Networking Scheme

Following the workshop, a number of ECRs will be available to speak to PGRs about their PhD and their experiences in the academic sphere. This PGR-ECR Networking scheme is a great opportunity to network with ECRs and other PGRs in your area and socio-legal studies as a whole. Further information and contact details of our ECR volunteers will be published soon and any queries about the scheme should be directed to the SLSA PGR Reps, Tahir and Rachael, by emailing